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This is his second project with us. His first was our smaller guest bathroom that he also remodeled. Zoltan gave us an estimate of the time frame as to how things would progress and he was right on target. He worked every day on the project except when his few sub-contractors came in. He helped us in purchasing the tile and towel bars, etc. As we went along he made suggestions that improved upon the look of the project. He is very meticulous and detail-oriented. He keeps in touch and is punctual. He is extremely neat and respectful of your property. We are very happy with the finished product.

Service was prompt, professional, and high quality. I also appreciated how Zoltan gave me a comprehensive estimate of things that could potentially need to be replaced before replacing the toilet. I like knowing everything up front. He did a great job and I’d certainly recommend him to anyone!

I own the condo and have a tenant who lives there and actually met the repairman. My tenant said the repairman was punctual, courteous, and professional. I’ll use Mr. Kovacs’ company in the future.

it went smoothly! Zolton is a real perfectionist as well as professional. This is the 2nd time i have used him. I highly recommend him!

Zoltan was awesome!! We never got estimates from anyone else because he came so highly recommended. We were up in Ohio during the two month remodel. Zoltan was at the house EVERY day and called us several times a week with updates and pictures. He took charge of the entire project and made sure all the subs were right on task. There are always hidden problems/costs with any project ( like having to tile the entire house because the floor couldn’t be refinished) and he just took on each item that came along. We are going to do a kitchen remodel in the future and Zoltan will definitely be our contractor. We were thrilled with his professionalism and his attention to detail and cleanliness. He is an all around honest, caring and outstanding contractor!

WE FELT COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE THROUGHOUT THE REMODELING PROCESS. That is perhaps what most people want but may not get in a contractor. Reasons: Mr. Kovacs is a man of character, integrity, and honesty.I am not using those words lightly. His crew is always clean, courteous, and on time.his skills are exemplary and reflect many years of experience. He leaves no work undone or less than completed at a high standard. He took care of any concerns in a timely way. HE CAN HANDLE ANY PLUMBING PROJECT YOU MIGHT HAVE!

It went so well. We just purchased our new home and one bathroom had a toilet room that also had a bidet. We wanted the bidet removed and replaced with a vanity sink. The second bathroom was our guest/pool bathroom that had a pedestal sink and we wanted a 48″ vanity sink installed.. We also added a last minute toilet replacement too!
We needed a little guidance with the vanities. We went to a local supplier that Zoltan recommended and considered building a vanity locally but in the end we really loved the ones we found online which are essentially pottery barn look alikes and Zoltan was open to working with whatever worked for us. These are the vanities he installed in case you were curious: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007JL37N0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CNWHDOE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Zoltan and Theo were very professional throughout the job taking care to put tarps down over the carpet and really doing a great job keeping the worksite clean for the 2 days needed to complete the job. I had other contractors come out for the job but went with Zoltan because he was so confident he could do the job with minimal damage to the tile and his estimates were very fair.
The vanity installs were perfect. We decided to get the vanities online and Zoltan did an awesome job with perfect placement of all the plumbing. Another contractor told us he would have to jackhammer out the bidet area and we would need 10 tiles which was a problem as we only had 2 replacement tiles and could not match the tiles very well. Zoltan told us he could do the work and only needed 2 tiles and he absolutely did it! The subfloor work, plumbing and tile finishing was outstanding and much better than I imagined after the earlier contractors told me how many tiles would be needed. The drywall repair, wall texturing, painting and finishing caulk/backsplash work was superb. I would absolutely recommend Zoltan Kovacs plumbing to anyone and he is the first person I will call with any plumbing, kitchen or bathroom remodels in the future. Highly recommended! A+ This is the reason I joined Angie’s list… to find contractors like this. Thank you Zoltan.

Mr. Kovacs was always on time, very professional, work was exemplary, he explained what he was doing, and when done, left the bathroom so spotless I could have used it for an operating room. Also, prior to our faucet purchase he also advised by telephone on which faucets were of good quality, and what to look for. He was very accessible by phone, and if we did have to leave a message, he got back to us quickly. It has been about 2 months, and the faucets work perfectly, no leaks.

Excellently ! Clearly very knowledgable and got me out of a situation. One toilet down with family arriving from out of state is not a good scenario ! Professional, clean and quick. Highly recommended.

Mr. Kovacs assessed our shower problem accurately. He offered solutions. We agreed on a plan and a price. We moved out of the bedroom so that the project could proceed. As we began the demolition, I spoke of my remaining concern. (The walk-in closet was accessed through the bathroom; it was never totally free of humidity). Mr. Kovacs listened well and proposed changing the closet’s entrance to another wall. This design change allowed us to expand the shower into a 4’x 8′ x 8′ masterpiece.
Mr. Kovacs and his coworker were meticulous in their preparation and execution of the renovation. They worked steadily and methodically. They arrived early and left each day when they had completely cleaned up their work area. Periodically when I was on site Mr. Kovacs posed questions. But when my family and I left for Georgia, we were limited to electronic communication. He used the texting and photographing capabilities of his I Pod to keep me well informed.
Noteworthy are two facts. First, the sub contractors he dealt with (the tiler and the glass installer) clearly admired him for his integrity, honesty and skill. Quickly they fit his job into their busy calendars. Secondly, I gave him a key to our home for use during the two week process. I never questioned that decision; Mr. Kovacs took care of our house as if it were his own.

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